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Alcohol Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days of the year for alcohol consumption. Americans will spend an estimated  $1.04B on alcohol for the big game.  Anheuser-Busch will spend $12m on Super Bowl ads to entice customers to buy even more. The parties are great and the ads are fun to watch, but this day can be very unsafe.

What makes this Sunday much more dangerous than other celebrations is that most gatherings usually end at the exact same time. When the game ends, millions of people who’ve enjoyed excessive libations hop into their cars and try to drive. This leads to an increase in DUI’s and alcoholic related fatalities.

In response to this issue, police departments all around the country will be setting up sobriety checkpoints. These checkpoints are very successful in identifying and arresting drunk drivers. In fact, recently in Oregon, state police set up checkpoints and stopped 588 cars, which resulted in 42 DUI arrests.  That’s a whopping 7.1%!

So, what can you do to make your Super Bowl party experience safer? Here are some tips:

  • Have a designated driver. This should not be the person that drank less than you. It should be someone that doesn’t consume alcohol.
  • Pre-arrange alternative transportation. Schedule a cab to pick you up before you go.
  • Eat enough food. Don’t just slam drinks all game. Be sure to eat food as well.
  • Mix in non-alcoholic drinks such as soda, tea, water or juice.
  • Stop drinking before the game is over. Set a limit that you won’t drink after halftime, or mid-third quarter.
  • Don’t let friends drive while impaired. Take their keys. Call them a cab or arrange a ride for them with a sober friend.
  • Have a high quality personal breathalyzer with you such as TruBreez 2020 . Knowing your blood alcohol concentration percentage will help you make smarter choices about driving and your alcohol consumption.

Super Bowl celebrations are a lot of fun.  Don’t let your fun evening be ruined by getting a DUI, or something much, much worse. Enjoy yourself. Be safe and good luck on your Super Bowl picks!

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