Protect Your Reputation this Valentine’s Day

What happens to your reputation when you get a DUI? What would your family, friends, parents or employer think?  What would they say about you when you weren’t around? What about your kids? What kind of example would you be setting for them?

Sadly, these are questions that over 1.1 million people get the answers to annually. That’s how many people got a DUI in the US every year. About two thirds of these people are first time offenders who probably never imagined that they would have to deal with the shame associated with crime, but they do.

For most couples, Valentine’s Day is an important holiday. A recent Zagat survey found that approximately 44% of people go out to eat on Valentine’s Day.  The average couple spends $147 for dinner, which usually includes a good bit of alcohol. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, there will be even more alcohol consumed by couples who can stay out a little later than a normal week night.

How can you protect yourself? First and foremost, don’t drive while impaired and don’t let your partner drive while impaired. Too often, people think they are fine because they drank less than other people, we all know that can be faulty logic.

To protect your reputation from the stain of a DUI this Valentine’s Day, either abstain from drinking or make sure you have a reliable breath alcohol detector with you. We make a very good one called TruBreez, and we’re pretty proud of it. As an introductory offer on this new product we are offering you this promo code good for an immediate $20 discount:

Use promo code TRU20 and save $20 off your purchase of TruBreez 2020 breathalyzer and get FREE shipping anywhere in the US.

We hope you have a very romantic and safe Valentine’s Day this year!


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