Cancer, Marijuana, Cocaine and Father’s Day

Last year, the US News and World Report ran a story outlining recent advances by Sweden’s Karolinska  Institutet that allowed a specially designed breathalyzer to detect 12 different controlled substances, including marijuana, cocaine and heroin. The article speculated that Swedish police officers might soon be carrying these devices to help determine if suspects were under the influence of a controlled substance.

 Doctors may soon be joining police officers in using breathalyzers as well.  Earlier this month, the University of Colorado announces their plans to develop a breathalyzer that can detect early stage lung cancer. Research has shown that tumors related to lung cancer emit a specific organic scent that can be detected. Researches speculate that this device could save countless lives.

While these breathalyzer advances are very promising, they are in the future and can’t impact us today. What can make an impact on us today is to make sure that we don’t drink and drive, and that we keep our friends and loved ones from doing so as well. On an average day in the USA, 3300 people get DUI’s and 28 people die in alcohol related automobile accidents. Let’s all do our part to reduce these numbers, especially on celebratory holidays like Father’s Day.

So, give your dad a big hug this Father’s Day and please be safe.


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