Twenty Dollar BillSave $20 On Trubreez Breathlyzers and Learn a Few Interesting Facts About The $20 Bill

It seems that all of us are constantly either earning or spending money. We’re so caught up in this monotonous cycle that we rarely take the time to actually examine the money when it enters or leaves our hands. Maybe we should take a minute to review the secrets contained in our currency. Every piece of US currency is loaded with history, symbolism and security elements that  make  it well worth the time to explore.

We like the $20 bill. Sure the $100 bill seems to be the “glamour bill”  that gets all the attention, but the twenty is the “workhorse” bill that does most of our heavy lifting. From ATM’s to paying for lunch, the odds are that the first bill you look for in your wallet or purse is a $20 bill. Here are some interesting facts about the $20 bill:

·      Our current $20 bill was first released in 2003

·      There are over 6.2 billion $20 bills in circulation

·      It features Andrew Jackson, our 7th US President

·      Andrew Jackson is one of only 6 Presidents to never attend college, along with Martin Van Buren, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson (George Washington wasn’t enrolled in William and Mary, but he did take a surveyor’s class there)

·      The word “Twenty” appears on the $20 five times, four times on the front and once on the back

·      The Eagle on the front of the bill is blue

·      The security thread that runs through the bill will appear green under an ultraviolet light

·      The “20” in the lower right corner appears to change colors between copper and green when the bill is titled

·      The serial number contains 11 numbers & letters and appears three times on the bill

·      The life span of an average $20 is just over 2-years

Yes, we love the $20 bill and are fascinated by its design and importance.  To celebrate our love of this wonderful bill as well as our nation’s birthday, we are offering $20 off our TruBreez 2020. Purchase before before July 7, 2014 and you will save $20.

So during this July 4th weekend, when everyone is remembering our great founding fathers like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Adams, please don’t forget Jackson and his fantastic $20 bill and be safe, don’t drink and drive.


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