TruBreez 2020 Breathalyzer

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The TruBreez 2020 was intelligently designed to provide a fast, accurate and reliable way to test for blood alcohol content (BAC) in your breath.  Powered by a precise sensor and calibrated to meet our exacting standards, the TruBreez 2020 is convenient and accurate for all personal and home testing usage. The stylish design, and comfortable finish makes the TruBreez 2020 durable, reliable and easy to use.  With unparalleled functionality and value, no other consumer breathalyzer compares. The Trubreez 2020 provides dual inputs for right and left-handed usage, an elegant cool-blue backlit display designed for nighttime use and a convenient in-handle storage compartment for your mouthpieces.  It features fast warm-up & response times, a battery saver mode, caution and warning lights and a display showing results to a 1000th of a percent. TruBreez 2020 should accompany you wherever you go, so that you will be aware of your BAC and remain safe.

Features and Specifications

  • • TruBreez 2020 breathalyzer is powered by a high precision sensor
  • • Digital LCD backlight display for easy nighttime usage
  • • Mouthpiece storage compartment
  • • Dual input for right and left-handed usage
  • • Sensor self-checking system
  • • Accuracy +/- 0.010% BAC
  • • Detection range: 0.000 – 0.199% BAC
  • • Displays results in %BAC and mg/L
  • • Warm up time = 15 seconds
  • • Response time <10 seconds
  • • Operating environment 10C – 40C (50F – 104F)
  • • Battery life = approximately 200 uses

Included in the package

  • • TruBreez 2020 breathalyzer
  • • 5 Mouthpieces
  • • Batteries
  • • Manual
  • • TruBreez 2020 Case


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