The Hidden Cost of a DUI: Your Reputation

The average DUI ends up costing offenders over $10,000 in legal fees, fines and increased insurance premiums. That is a huge number, but perhaps the most costly price of a DUI is the fact that it remains on your record for life. For many, a DUI is a heartbreaking event that affects not just your own reputation, but is embarrassing for your entire family and can negatively influence your career.

A DUI Can Impact Your Family

Have you ever imagined how a DUI would effect your children? When you are a parent, a DUI goes beyond just affecting your own life. A DUI can impede your ability to work with your child’s school system and could be traumatizing for your child. Many schools require a driving record and background check before you can chaperone on field trips, drive other children around, or volunteer for school fundraisers.

What would other parents think? Outside of school, your children’s friends may have parents that are more reluctant to trust them in your care. This may ultimately damage your child’s relationships with his or her peers, and could affect their ability to make new friends.

Fired because of DUI

Consoling Child

A DUI May Damage Your Career

With many employers requiring background checks, a DUI can affect your ability to get a job and is an embarrassing first-impression to make with a potential employer. If you commute, a DUI may prevent you from getting to work in the first place. If your job requires you to drive, you may lose your position immediately upon getting a DUI.

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