Trubreez Breathalyzer / Alcohol Detector Testimonials

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“I love my Trubreez breathalyzer.  I keep it in the car and feel secure in knowing that I am not putting myself and other people into danger.  I also love that I can store the extra mouth pieces in the back and not worry about not being able to use it.”

Mia L.  Orange County, CA

“I take my TruBreez 2020 with me every time I go out. It is very accurate, convenient and easy-to-use. This product is an absolute must for anyone who is concerned about consuming alcohol.”

George J., Dallas, TX

“TruBreez 2020 is a great product for responsible adults who want to make sure that they are being safe.  I frequently use mine at bars, restaurants and sporting events. I feel safer knowing that I have my TruBreez 2020 with me.”

Ted H., Nashville, TN

“Great product!  Was at a dinner party (where we all had a glass of wine – or two..).  Everyone was surprised at the alcohol level we were each at by the end of the meal.  Was a great excuse to go for walk to the ice cream shop for dessert before we went home.  Thanks Trubreez.”

Mark M.   Fort Lauderdale, FL