Why should you use a breathalyzer?

The simple truth is that it is the best way to estimate if you are near the legal limit. Many people think that they can tell when they are too drunk to drive. They can’t! The numbers prove it:

•  1.17 Million people got DUI’s in the United States in 2012. That is approximately 3200 people per day and 134 people per hour.

•  Two thirds of the DUI’s are from first-time offenders.

•  Every 53 minutes, someone in the  United States dies in an alcohol related automobile accident. Every 90 seconds, someone is injured.

•  Approximately one in every two thousand cars in the road is being driven by a drunk driver.

The average DUI costs approximately $10,000 in legal fees, fines and increased insurance premiums, not to mention the consequence it has on you, your family, friends and co-workers. TrueBreez breathalyzer helps you be more aware of your BAC  level and make smarter choices.

To learn more about the danger of drunk driving visit Mothers Against Drunk Driving.